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In the rc submarines world there is just about any kind of vehicle you can image built and used to keep the hobbyist and enthusiast busy. Among the best of these vehicles is the RC Submarines vessel. These vessels come in a variety of sizes, from aquarium and bathtub toy sizes to as big as your bathtub for deep sea or deep lake exploration. These hobby model RC Submarines come in two types, display and radio controlled. The static models are meant only for display and fun to put together and learn from. The Remote Control Submarine models are intended for on the water as well as under the water fun and exploration. The Remote Control Submarines that are radio controlled do have a hand held controller that will communicate with a receiver that is on board the vessel which is water tight. Even though the rc submarine vessel itself is water tight and submersible the controller may not be, so be careful not to get it wet and do check to see if it is water proof. It isn’t wise to be jumping in the water with the controller in your hand. LOL.

Types of RC Submarines Kit

Your RC Submarines can be purchased in 2 types of kits. The ready to run kits or the build your own from scratch kits. You have two main groups, Toy Subs and Hobby Scale models. These RC Models can be radio controlled as well as remote controlled. These models are designed and built for a specific purpose, underwater photography as well as scientific exploration. These research vessels have on-board cameras and other gadgets that take samples of water and soil among other things the scientific world wants to explore. These Radio Control Submarines are not your typical subs that you can find at your local hobby shop or variety store.

RTR Subs or Ready To Run RC Submarines

These types of Remote Control submarines come in many sizes from your toys for kids to your larger more expensive Radio Control Submarines that will provide all the fun you want and at the same time get the work done you need if you are in the working field of water, fish, and underwater life. At the lower end of the price scale you have the submarines that are not so realistic as the real life ones and have a limited range. Some of the RC subs in the lower price range you may know of are the RC Sharks. These RC Vessels have basic functions like going up and down as well as turning. Always remember that not all toy subs are meant for kids. The subs that are fancier and have more detail and greater ranges with static diving systems come with upgradable features will cost upwards of several hundreds of dollars, sometimes more. You can purchase these types of RC Submarines at toy stores, hobby shops and Online

Hobby Scale Model RC Submarines

These RC Submarines are usually taken from real life past or present military or research designs or from books and movies that have been made like the one from “Journey to the Center Of The Earth.” Not only do they have the realistic features like torpedoes that are propelled by compressed gas like your BB gun or rocket cartridges but they have working hatches and lights, Ballasts and dive tanks which take on or expel water that help the vessel dive or surface. Remote Control Submarines in this category are built from scratch, but sometimes they may come in the almost ready to run kits that are custom made. The kits for Radio Control Submarines will climb into the price range of the thousands of dollars, so do your research and know what type of rc submarines kit you want and why you are building it.

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