rchelicoptertraining 150x150So far we’ve talking about learning to fly your RC helicopter and you should have had your maiden flight by now.  Hopefully you still have your helicopter in one piece. Now we continue on with flying your helicopter in a square and a figure 8.  The last two maneuvers for learning how to fly a RC helicopter and setting your skills as a RC helicopter pilot.

This Is Your Final Flight Lesson for Your RC Helicopter

Learning how to do a square flight is not as hard as it sounds. But doing them will give you the full skills you need to keep your RC helicopter in the air and not on the ground.  If you can do this one then the figure 8 will be a breeze.  So let’s begin.

So far you’ve learned how to hover, set your orientation, and directional flight. You’re on your way to the final flights that will improve your skills in flying your helicopter.  The first one is to practice flying in a square.  That’s right, a square.  This works on improving your hovering, turning (tail in and tail out) and directional flying.  Start in one spot and choose your point of turns and then fly!  Practice until you’ve perfected it and can fly in a square without any problems. 

The one problem you might have is when you make a turn and the nose of the helicopter is in a different direction than you’re used to.  Remember the lesson on nose-in flying.  This will perfect that flying technique.  It will also improve your directional flying.  Once you’ve got this down you can go on to try the figure 8.  You can practice this on your flight simulator before using your real helicopter.

 RC Helicopter Flying Figure 8 – The Last Battle

If you have the square down then you’re ready for the figure 8.  It’s the last maneuver for improving your skills as a RC helicopter pilot.  By this time you should be able to fly your helicopter with ease. This is a little challenging but you can do it if you’ve been practicing flying your helicopter.

Fly your RC helicopter in a figure 8 pattern until you can do it with ease.  Try to concentrate on the perfect shape of an 8.  This uses all your abilities you’ve learn so far about flying a helicopter.  Aim for control at first and don’t worry about the pattern of the 8 but as you gain more confidence, make the figure 8 as perfect as you can. 

Once you’ve mastered the figure 8 with your RC helicopter then you’ll be able to fly your helicopter anywhere you want and under any conditions.  Remember the old Idiom, practice makes perfect.  The more you practice flying, the better pilot you’ll be and the less crashes you’ll have.  Best of luck with your flying.

Next, we’ll cover what to do when you do crash your RC helicopter.

Leave a comment and let us know how you’re coming along with flying your new RC helicopter.