RCHelicopter 150x150Lesson 4: Nose-In Hover

Now that you’ve taken your RC helicopter for its maiden flight, you’re ready to learn more types of flights with your helio.  If you can do the tail-in as you did with the last exercise then you can easily do the nose-in hover.

It not that much different than the tail-in but there are a few things that you need to know.  With the helicopter’s nose turned away from you it’s more like your control box but with the nose of the helicopter pointed towards you the controls on your radio control box are backwards.  Where forwards it now backwards and vice versa.  So it’s something you have to get use to before you try any trick flying.  Practicing many times before you take off will keep you from crashing your best RC helicopter.

The best way to learn nose-in with your RC helicopter

To learn the nose-in hover you point the helicopter towards you with the nose instead of the tail. You should already feel comfortable flying your helicopter with the tail toward you, if you don’t then keep practicing before you try this style of flying.

Don’t try this at high altitude, stay on the ground first then go higher up. Start by hovering a foot off the ground with the nose facing you.  Lift up then down several times to get the hang of this exercise.  When you’re really comfortable and in control, the try to lift up to 5 or 6 feet.  Keep practicing until you can easily do this nose-in hover.  If you feel you’re losing control, start back at the one foot level and keep working at it until you’re perfect.  

Remember the controls will be reversed so up is now down and down is now up. Once you’ve mastered the nose-in hover you’ll be able to fly your RC helicopter anywhere and any way.  It’s the controls being reversed that are the problem.  But as long as you remember they will be reversed then you’ll be okay.  Keep practicing until you’ve are confident with the controls being reversed and you’ll be just fine.

Why you need to practice the nose-in hover with your RC helicopter

The reason you learn to control your RC helicopter with the controls reversed is because it allows for greater control of the helicopter in any situation. Plus, it gives you the orientation awareness you need when your helicopter is 40 feet above you.  If you lose control at that height then you’ll definitely crash because you’ll be working the radio control box backwards and fly right into the ground.

You can also practice this nose-in hover on your flight simulator before you try it with your real RC helicopter. 

Here’s hoping you learn this step quickly without any mishap.  Good luck!

Leave a comment and let us know how you did with this nose-in hover.  Was it harder to control your helicopter?  Did you have any problems working the control box backwards?  Let us know how you did…