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 rchelicopter 300x225if you want to learn How to fly rc helicopter it is not the easiest radio controlled devices to learn it.  You might find a RC Boat easier to control but will you have as much fun?  Mastering the helicopter takes many hours of time but there are many ways of learn How to fly rc helicopter. Using a flight simulator is one route you can take or you can use one of the mini RC helicopter.  It will cost you much less than using your every expensive big remote control helicopter. If you can, taking flying lessons with a certified instructor would greatly help you to learn How to fly rc helicopter but for many this is not an option.  Using these lessons with the helicopter of your choice will have you flying in no time. For the next 4 posts will cover the 5 best techniques for learning How to fly rc helicopter.

Step One To Piloting A RC Helicopter

Ground Exercise:

The first thing to do is get the feel of the helicopter while it’s on the ground.  Of course, you‘ll need to know how the controls work so be sure to read the manual before starting.  Once you’ve unpacked your new helicopter, start it up on the ground and get used to the controls.  Try not to get to impatient while in this learning mode.  If you’re using one of the mini RC helicopters it should be trimmed out of the box.  Otherwise, you’ll have to trim it.  We’ll cover trimming in another post as it’s a whole subject by itself. 

If you’re using a bigger model RC helicopter you can purchase or make a set of training gears.  They will greatly enhance your flying ability.  They also help you learn to land and keep you from crashing often.

Make your own training gear for your RC helicopter

You can easily make your training gear for your RC helicopter.  It is highly recommended helicoptertraininggearusing one to prevent your helicopter from crashing.  A training gear also gives you better control and more confidence when learn how to fly rc helicoptercopter.

First, you’ll need 2 four inch rods, metal is best, aluminum is acceptable.  You’ll also need four balls.  They can either be ping pong balls or tennis balls.  It depends on the size of your RC helicopter.  The bigger the helicopter — the bigger the balls.  Wire the two rods together in the middle so it forms and +.  Make slits in the balls and insert them onto the ends of the rods.  Voila, you’ve make your own training gear for your helicopter.  See the video at the bottom of post to see how easy it is to make your own training gears.  Of course, you can purchase a training gear if you don’t want the hassle of building your own.  They also have kits with pre cut rods and include the tennis balls.

Getting the feel of the RC helicopter

After you’ve put the training gears on then it’s time to put your new copter through its paces.  If you’ve ever flown a real helicopter then this will be a breeze but for those who haven’t then remember this: take one step at a time.  That’s why it’s best to start learning to fly a helicopter with a mini electric or battery powered helicopter.  Crashing is so dispiriting; it will break your heart when it happens.  And you can expect it to happen.  Even the most seasoned helicopter pilot still has crashes.

Start out with getting the feel of the controls.  Bring the throttle and collective to where the rc heli almost leaves the ground.  Move the cyclic control to see how this affects the helicopter’s movement.  Keep doing these exercises until you feel really comfortable moving your helicopter along the ground.  Getting the feel of the controls is the first and most important part of learning How to fly rc helicopter.

Next post will cover How to hover…stay tuned.  Tell us how your experience with learning to fly your helicopter went in the comment section below.  We love to hear the best ways to learn How to fly rc helicopter.