Part 2 of 5 –Hover a RC Helicopter

Last time we talked about practicing on the ground to learn to control your RC helicopter.  This time we step you through how to Hover a RC Helicopter.  After you’ve practiced the ground exercise until you’re a master, the next step is to hover.  Learning to Hover a RC Helicopter is the next step in flying and not crashing your helicopter.

This is a crucial step to mastering flying a helicopter if you don’t want to crash.  It the bases for flying a helicopter because all flights start and end with hovering.  If you don’t master how to Hover a RC Helicopter you’re going to have problems flying around or you’ll end up crashing all the time.

The hover step with a RC helicopter

This is the most important part of learning Hover a RC Helicopter. Always make sure the tail is pointing at you!  It makes it much easier to learn hovering and after you’ve mastered this then you can practice with the nose of the helicopter facing you.  Learning how to Hover a RC Helicopter is not like learning to take curves with your RC boat. An RC boat is uncomplicated when it comes to taking curves.  You can still crash your best RC boat but it doesn’t take on as much damage as your helicopter can.

 Be sure the tail is pointing to you and bring up the throttle to the point where the helicopter is just off the ground. Practice this bringing it up and down a few inches before you continue on learning to hover.  As you get better, start giving it a little more throttle or collective, as it is called sometimes. More throttle will give you more power so you can start moving around.

When you can Hover a RC Helicopter for several minutes at a couple of inches off the ground, give it more throttle and start to bring up the helicopter to about one foot from the ground. Playing around with the throttle will give you more power to rise is up higher.  Too high and you’ll start to drift. Too fast and you’ll end up crashing a few feet off the ground.  Practice this until you can easily bring your RC helicopter up to one foot and back down to the ground without it drifting around.  Then go on the next step.

Step two for hovering your RC helicopter

Once you’ve master the 1 foot hover then it’s time to go higher. Remember to keep the tail towards you.  Once you get it down then you can try different directions of point (orientation) for the helicopter. Helicopter orientation training will come later.  For now practice hovering your RC helicopter to 3 to 6 feet above the ground and back down again.  Do this until you’re comfortable with hovering, then you can start moving around. A word of caution: learning to fly your RC helicopter too fast will have you crashing.

Every helicopter pilot has different learning curves.  Hovering is the most crucial skill you need to learn because all flights start with hovering.  So if you can’t hover then you’re going to have problems flying your helicopter. Take your time when hovering. Work at your own pace, and you’ll master “the hover” in no time. Then you’ll be on your way to full fights with your RC helicopter.  You can also practice this crucial step with a helicopter simulator

Next time we’ll cover directional flights with your RC helicopter.  Stay tuned…

Leave a comment on the different ways you’ve learn to hover your helicopter.  We’d love to hear how you learned to Hover a RC Helicopter.